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Passionfruit Collins Kit

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Passionfruit Collins Kit
Who wouldn’t rather be somewhere tropical right now? Locally-made BG Reynolds Passionfruit Syrup elevates the classic Collins to new levels while taking you somewhere far, far away, at least in spirit. A hint of PDX Bitters Project Woodland bitters reminds us that we're still in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Makes about 12 drinks, with +/- ¼ bottle of gin to spare.

1 750mL Aria Portland Dry Gin
1 375mL BG Reynolds Passionfruit
1 0.5 oz Portland Bitters Project Woodland Bitters
4-pack of 6.8oz Fever Tree Club Soda
8 Fresh Lemons
Recipe and instructions.

Does not include bartools, glassware or ice.
Straw, cocktail pick and cherry in picture are not included.