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New Deal Hot "Buttered" Rum Gift Pack

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Literally made for each other, this kit includes Spiced Rum 375ml, Hot “Buttered” Rum Drink Mix, and 2 New Deal Ceramic Mugs.

New Deal’s Spiced Rum was distilled and aged right here in inner SE Portland. After spending 2+ years in American Oak barrels, this rum was blended with a combination of both classic and experimental spices, creating an easy drinking spirit that boasts notes of vanilla, cinnamon, anise, and allspice.

New Deal’s dairy-free Hot “Buttered” Rum Mix was crafted in-house with raw organic coconut oil, organic dark brown sugar, and aromatic spices. The mix is minimally processed and free from anything artificial, including preservatives and stabilizers - as a result this mix does not have a uniform texture or color. This separation is natural - just warm up and give a little stir before enjoying!

The two mugs included are perfectly sized to make a superb Hot “Buttered” Rum every single time. Just use the easy-to-make recipe found on the label. Cheers to that!