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2018 Three Otters Rose

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The story of how this wine is made stems from the 2012 harvest. Alex and Eric Fullerton couldn’t decide on the style of rosé they wanted to make. Since they couldn’t agree, they decided to have a friendly competition and made two separate rosés to see whose would be better. Though they were destined to be bottled separately, Alex got curious and tried blending the two. Voila! The sum was better than the parts. He called Eric over to the winery, and both agreed the two wines should be blended. A tradition was born. Alex now makes one rosé that is whole cluster pressed and tank fermented, yielding a very crisp and light colored wine, while Eric crafts his rosé by fermenting 2-4 days on the skins before moving the remainder of the fermentation to neutral barrels, which yields a darker and fuller-bodied wine. The two wines are then blended to taste, delivering a crisp, fresh rosé with wonderful structure.

A floral nose of strawberry and watermelon, with the palate echoing these flavors along with green apple and lemon. Drink chilled when refreshment is needed.

Our love of otters runs deep. Their prominent role on our family crest inspires our passion for helping organizations that protect these beautiful animals and their habitat. Raise a glass of Three Otters, and you also help our otters in the Pacific Northwest.