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Aria Portland Dry Gin

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Aria Portland Dry Gin is a multiple gold medal winning classic English inspired London Dry style gin. Craft distilled in Portland Oregon, Aria is rich, yet soft, full bodied and boldly aromatic. Aria is handmade, and batch distilled for depth, complexity, and balance.

Juniper is upfront—obvious at the first nosing and on the first sip. Right behind the juniper are bright complex citrus notes, and a warming spice. A slightly dark, earthy undertone is the perfect counterpoint to the bright notes. Delicate floral notes are ever-present without ever being overwhelming. None of the flavors and aromas are overpowering. All of the layers of flavor—the Juniper, citrus, spice, earthy and floral notes—are perfectly balanced.

Aria is a versatile gin which works well in any classic gin cocktail, especially a Martini, or it can also be the basis for experimentation and creativity. It is also approachable enough to be enjoyed neat or straight over ice.